Until last week I could see all pdf files on lyx screen. but now I get the message “error converting to loadable format” for both eps and pdf. ln·-s·/usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick\@6//bin/con. vert·/usr/local/bin/convert¶ . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I recently installed in Windows XP and Mac OSX.4, and have been receiving the same error when inserting EPS format graphics: “Error converting to .

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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. If you’re presented with such a message, then you’ll need to augment the list of known converters.

Conversion from eps to png can be done by convert command provided by ImageMagick. However, I get the errors such as file cannot be converted to loadable format, or error loading file into memory.

The difficulty is, the output file will be named outfile. If you see the “Error converting to loadable format” message only with PDF files and you’ve verified that you have the converter tools mentioned above, check which version of GhostScript you are using.

Probably is another convert or a bug of Ghostsript. An easy way to fix this is to use the command: Uncategorized Problems loading PDF graphics 2: Reproducing this bug is very simple, just open lyx, create new file and insert pdf graphics.

Run Lyx again and open the file containing eps figures should display png figures in preview. So what I did was moving the ghostscript folder and the imagemagick folder from LyX 2.

Without this option everything works Ok.

This also holds for newly created convertinf. The problem is in “-define pdf: Change the From format: Since png is well supported and is among the GUI displayable formats, that is a reasonable choice.


I know ertor is a lot of posts out there about this problem, but they haven’t helped resolve the issue. LyX has the ability to handle literally any graphics format in the known universe so long as a conversion path from this graphics format to the target output format can be created. Just follow Hector’s instructions: The XForms library can load figures in the following, widely used, graphics formats: Werner k 64 Sign up using Email and Password.

LyX wiki | LyX / FiguresInLyX

According to upstream it is a bug in ghostscript! I’m not sure when it was expected to be installed, but anyway. Verified on debian version. Upgrade to Version 9, or do the following workaround:. For me the following workaround helped: No such file or directory pdf.


Also, please assume layman’s knowledge when replying. Sorry, I noticed that is not the right converter. Use the newest version. I’m using brew, so I fixed this problem by removing imagemagic and installing the latest 6.

For me, on Windos 10 donverting following solved the problem: I’ve also tried searching many forums online but they all seem to point to updating ghostscript, which doesn’t apply to me since I’m running the latest version. Seem that pdf to png drror for the preview fail for some reason.

As I said in my question, I’m using GhostScript 9.

If you see the “Error converting to loadable format” message only with PDF files: I found that LyX uses ‘convert’ command from imagemagick to convert pdf to ppm file.


I had exactly the same problem for LyX 2. It is called with following arguments: Workaround fotmat quite simple and may be done on per-user basis, whithout root privileges. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

graphics – Lyx, Error Converting to Loadable Format for PDFs – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

This has nothing to do with LaTeX, that do not need at all this conversion. Dmitry Zotikov 3. There is a non-obvious detail that can cause this error despite having setup a suitable converter.

It’s what the official fix does. Hope works for you too if you have not fixed the problem yet. Changed in imagemagick Ubuntu: Therefore add a blocking bug on gs. See full activity log.

eps Error converting to loadable format

Yes this dialog is weird – you don’t add an entry then configure it, you change the options and then click Add. It is called with following arguments:.

errkr If, after all that, LyX still cannot load the figure, then it’ll tell you so with a message “Error converting to loadable format” in place of an on-screen view of your figure. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I’m using LyX 2.