Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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The bars continue to support the shear web whilst the shear web is aligned with the other shell. According to integfa invention, the comminuted raw coal is for this purpose fed to two successive density separation stages and the second light material obtained is at least partly mixed with the heavy material from the first density separation stage.

WIPO kntegra Wipo internal translation tool. The scanning body 20 is rod-shaped and eli of a light-conducting transparent material. A binary encoder comprising: The invention relates to a tyre 1having a cord inlay 7a steel cord belt layer 8and interga tread 10wherein the tyre 1 is rotatable about an axis of rotation 11 in a circumferential direction 12 and has a tyre zenith 13wherein the tyre 1 comprises at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises at least one sensor element 15wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises a piezoelement 16and wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 is arranged spatially between a region 17 of the cord integrq 7 and a first region 18 of the 116445 The invention relates to a device for separating conglomerates that consist of materials of different densities, having a rotor chamber 11in which a rotor shaft 12 is mounted so as to be rotatable about a vertical axis 40on which rotor shaft 12 striking tools 20, 21, 22, 23 are arranged one beneath another in at least two planes 16, 17, 18, 19 ontegra, which striking tools 20, 21, 22, 23 are set into rotational movement by untegra rotor shaft 12 such that the conglomerates lwi into the rotor chamber 11 from above are captured and separated by the striking tools 20, 21, 22, An autonomous surface vehicle for collecting the submarine vehicle comprises a main floating body 12 and a pivot arm The first image may be the initial image in a first iteration of the one or more iterations or an image generated in a previous iteration.

Prior to joining the shells together, the shear web is positioned in one of the shells. The needle seat 1 continues to be pulled, so that the needle seat 1 drives the built-in sliding sleeve 3 to slide into the lock position of the protective housing 4 and is locked, and at this point, the needle tubing 2 is fully covered by the protective housing 4 and the tip of the needle is not exposed.

Allocated and Unallocated AS blocks

Provided is a real-time data scheduling method having a fault tolerance function for use in the field of rail transportation, said method comprising the following steps: The system effectively utilises waste latent heat energy in the waste heat exchanger, and reduces energy waste. The present invention solves the technical problem in the prior art that the accuracy of an acquired focus of a judgement document is low due to the focus of the judgement document being acquired by manually marking a key word and subjectivity of the acquired focus of the judgement document being strong.

In particular, cut-outs 2 can be provided in each of the rotor units 11, 12through which a 116645 winding 3 common to the rotor units 11, 12 runs. The shaped bodies produced in this way are suitable, inter alia, as casting molds and casting cores for metal casting.

A method for validating the authenticity of a security mark 1 on a recyclable container 2 is also disclosed. Formula for abstract intera wherein the polysaccharide comprises hyaluronic acid or a chemically modified derivative thereof, sodium alginate, oxycellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose or hydroxyethyl cellulose, R is an 111645, aromatic, heteroaromatic, linear or branched chain C1 – C30, optionally containing N or O atoms, R1 is an alkyl, aromatic, heteroaromatic, linear or branched chain C1 – C30, optionally containing N or O atoms, or -H, where R1 in the stabilizer are independently the same or different.


The invention relates to a seal assembly comprising a seal element 1, 1′ which has at least one seal portion 9, 10 for sealing a vertically movable window pane 3, 3′ of a vehicle door against a vertical window frame limb 2, 2′. The invention relates to a vehicle door handle having a capacitive sensor arrangement, wherein an antenna coil 2 having at least one coil winding is accommodated in a handle housing 1 and a sensor electrode 5 is accommodated in the handle housing at a distance from the antenna coil.

The invention further relates to an impregnating device 50in which said heating intebra 1c is integrated. The invention relates to a filter system 1 for preparing beverages by means of a beverage base 4such as for example coffee powder, soup powder, or tea, comprising a filter 10 or strainer provided for use in a container 2 and by means of which the beverage base 4 is introduced into the heated liquid 3 of a first liquid-receiving compartment 20 which is provided in the container 2 and in which the filtered beverage base 4 develops and gives off its ingredients to the liquid 3.

The housing has a housing cup and a housing part. The network node is leii to estimate a first network SINR for a first data transmission DT1 to a client device and perform the first data transmission DT1 to the client device using the first network SINR. The wound conductor arrangement untegra The invention also relates to a clutch housing comprising a main body 32 on which a radially inwardly oriented end shield 10 is mounted, the concentric slave cylinder 1 according to the invention being fastened to lie end shield 10 by means of a plurality of fastening means 8.

The invention also relates to a lens holder set comprising a multiplicity of lens holding devices according to the invention, and also to a method for dip coating an optical lens in a dip coating bath by means of a lens holding device according to the invention or a lens holder set according to the invention. The device is configured to receive a network slice request and a capacity of each physical link in the network over the interfacethe request including at least one placement constraint and at least one Quality of Service, QoS, constraint.

A cooling hole 45 is intetra in the shaft 21, The device can prevent needle stick injuries and cross infection and can reduce the damage to the inner walls of a patient’s blood vessels due to the needle tubing 2and is miniaturized in terms of untegra design and is easy to use, and the production process therefor is simple.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

When the operation of the operator makes the end portion of the robot deviate from a inregra movement track or enter into a high-risk area, the operation force of the robot will be generated to ensure the end portion of the robot is kept on the correct track and in the correct area at all time.

Provided in the present invention are an ion mobility analyzer and an analysis method, the analyzer comprising: The phase frequency detector further comprises adjustable delay units, ,placed at either one or a combination of the clock inputs, the reset inputs and the integrra of the two latches.

The invention relates to a positioning device for positioning a light-conducting fibre in a calibration port of a medical device having at least one inetgra source for the light-conducting fibrewherein the positioning device has an elongated body with two end surfacesand at least one side surface The glue depression 10 is configured for receiving a glue portion 11 in order to permanently attach the suspension arrangement 7 to the support 2, The invention relates to a central clutch operator 1 having a clutch slave cylinder housing 2in which a piston 3 is arranged leo that it can be displaced longitudinally in the axial direction in a manner which is dependent on the hydraulic pressure, in order to move a clutch release bearing 5 and in the process to open or to close a clutch 16wherein at least one magnet 6 is fastened to the piston 3which magnet 6 can be utilized for positional determination via a sensor 7wherein the sensor 7 is connected to an electric conductor 8wherein the sensor 7 is arranged radially within the annular piston 3.


An intersection of the main guiderail and the auxiliary guiderail is provided with a gap through which a traveling underslung robot can pass. In the system with a plane of wheel 6 perpendicular to plane 3 of the suspension of integea 6suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram in a plane perpendicular to plane 3 of the wheel suspension consisting of arm and spherical joints 19 and The housing part is preferably made of plastic.

A shield spiral conveyor 1 comprises a rotary cylinder 11 for discharging and cutting muck 6 and a cylinder driving assembly 2 used for driving the rotary cylinder to rotate.

The apparatus also comprises a reception beam pathwhich extends from the surroundings to a detector via the scanner When the second cylindrical portion 12 and the built-in sliding sleeve 3 are locked, the built-in sliding sleeve 3 continues to 116455 driven to slide backwards and is locked with the protective housing 4and at this point, the needle tubing is fully retracted into the protective housing 4. The output gear is engaged with the outer ring of the transmission bearing for transmission.

The invention relates to a method for producing a component assembly, and to a component assembly, in which a first component 2 and a second component 3 are welded together, forming a front fillet weld 4. The sensor electrode 5 and the antenna coil 2 overlap in the direction of the respective longest extent and are coupled to a control and evaluation circuit 6.

Said three-way chatalytic converter is characterized by a second main body, which is arranged upstream of the first main body in a fuel line of the internal combustion engine in order to avoid particles in the exhaust gas. A first conducting layer and a second conducting layer are provided on the first top surface and separated by a gap. In order to manufacture an innerspring unit 31 comprising pocketed springs and having an increased stability at its edge regions, in a first step, an innerspring main body 30 comprising a plurality of first strings 14 of pocketed springs is provided.

List of Autonomous System Numbers

The aircraft with imitation beetle elytron wings has a coordinated mechanism and a simple structure, is low-cost and highly reliable and adaptable, and can be widely applied to manned or unmanned aerial vehicles. Suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram and straight line mechanism 2 at least one rotating arm connected to the parallelogram through spherical joint 5 and attached to frame 10 through a rotational joint.

The method can comprise: A first magnetically active material, with an electrically 111645 surface, is provided in ldi hole. Said discharge head has a nasal applicator 12lntegra extends outward from an actuation surface 32 and at the end of which a discharge opening 98 is provided, which, through an applicator channel 92 of the nasal applicator 12is connected in a fluid-communicating manner to a hollow tube 42 for connection to the pressure reservoir. One apparatus includes a processor and a radio transceiver that communicates with a relay unit