Personal Collection. all cards, all new, all mine Work of Harry Lorayne. pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc. Illustrated with drawings by . Harry Lorayneâ€&#x;s. Personal Collection all cards, all new, all mine. Books by Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic • Personal. Fantasystore! Harry Lorayne – Personal Collection – Master Card Set Harry Lorayne – Personal CollectionHarry Lorayne personal card magic.

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After one read-through of Personal Collection – from beginning to end – I selected 15 effects that I will personally use. And I’ll have plenty of therapy working through this loraye.

Inspired by Dealer Wins! Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for that UPS truck cough, cough. You can bet they fit the second time!

Within four minutes and with one phone call I knew exactly who the technique was invented by and where in the literature collecttion find it. Aces lost in sixteen-card packet, then spelled out.

Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne

This book is no different from his others in that regard. He seems to be a fan of Harry’s, and of good books. Switch by Benjamin Earl.

I have seen Lorayne it’s 20 years ago, now use nail nicks in tough routines to nail other magicians. I think the adds said that it would be signed and numbered. Not many can claim that these days.


Personal Collection

Variations Magic Jacks Harry Lorayne Harry never said in the ads that the books would be harty. Harry Clllection Not every routine, trick, or sleight will cater to each individual’s tastes; few would laud over every single one of Lorayne’s books. I figured Paul would like it. Shaun Robison’s illustrations are very well collectjon and wisely chosen. Shopping Cart [ 0 ] Items. I would have bought it no matter what he said, but the way he went on! As a side note, a fellow named Todd posted a review of “Personal Collection” in a new thread here on the forum, but I felt the approach he took was a bit less erudite than I’d like to see here, so I deleted the post and asked him to rewrite the review in a way that wouldn’t alienate some of our readers, then repost it in this thread as suggested by Dave Prouty–let’s try to keep all the Lorayne stuff in THIS thread.

Harry Lorayne – Personal Collection – $ : Fantasystore!, The Art of Magician

I know this because it was related to me that the first batch they made lorxyne “Personal Collection” did NOT fit, and all slipcases had to be made a second time. I performed the M-E-S routine for my girlfriend last night. Double Down Under Location. So maybe there will be some kind of book of his own material in the future, published by his son.

Lorayne at the above address to get the book. Inspired by Randy Wakeman effect.

Acidus Novus Plus included by Al Mann. Is he going to throw them away if he has more?


Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne – $ :

My Second Keeper, Cont’d. I was expecting, what he led me to believe the book was.

Toggle navigation Conjuring Archive. My point in bringing this up is that Dominion has in the past made slipcases that did not fit. I’ve spent most of the last 48 hours looking over the book and do find it to be valuable to me.

You’ll find “Doublocation,” which is an extremely easy fooler for the casual performer to perform for friends and family. What does everyone else think? I twice found the book in used book stores in New Loorayne. If I don’t know the exact source, I do mention the fact that the idea or concept Is not new, it’s been around.

I had the luxury of seeing Harry perform many of his effects prior to the release of this book, so it was exciting to finally learn how he did them! I think the triple-lie collextion is pretty neat, although I can do without the deal-and-duck force.

I hope my boss doesn’t see this! I’m almost certain to start using “Take Five” and “Mental Vibrations” in my own work.