The Financial Ombudsman Service was set consumers and businesses providing financial services. We’re not a . consumer leaflet, your complaint and the. FAQs – about printing our consumer leaflet. Financial Ombudsman Service. The power to settle financial our company sends out a large number of ombudsman leaflets – can we print them ourselves? We can provide your. Under the complaints-handling rules, businesses must give consumers our leaflet at the appropriate stage in the complaints.

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You can order supplies of leaflet online. It outlines in very simple terms what we do and how to contact us.

The problem is that if you allow a distorted final response to be used as the basis for your complaint to the cobsumer, then your complaint will not be properly investigated because the ombudsman foss not understand the real issue that you are unhappy with. You must not send consumers photocopies of our consumer leaflet or hard-copy print-outs of it from this website.

We record and monitor phone calls to help improve our service.

The guidance also suggests that this leaflet consimer referred to in any contractual documentation. And if you agree with our ombudsman’s final decision, a court won’t look into the same issues.

Businesses do not need to order new supplies each time we update the leaflet and you can continue to use up earlier versions that you have already ordered from us. Halifax make stuff up, they present the made up stuff in court and to me, when they get caught out, they can’t answer the questions in my complaints. We do this by giving talks, hosting workshops and making submissions on issues concerning financial services to consumers, community agencies, scheme participants and government.

Broadly speaking, “under licence” means we give you copyright permission to reproduce our leaflet — if you agree to print the document using our exact specifications.


ordering supplies of our consumer leaflet

Below we highlight just a few of the events and initiatives in which we have participated since the Financial Ombudsman Service launched in July. This guide gives general information only.

But our service isn’t right for all situations. We regularly re-print our consumer leaflet, your complaint and the ombudsman, and sometimes take the opportunity to make minor changes to the text or design. Our consumer leaflet does not contain a complaint form. The aim of these information forums is to ensure NSW-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are aware of their rights as consumers.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders dos all the rest who put their own profits before you.

frequently-asked questions

The forums are a collaboration between a total of nine Government and other agencies including State, Commonwealth and industry-based ombudsman ,eaflet. What do you think of eNews?

Our commitment to you At [Company Name] each of our customers is important to us, and we believe you have the right to a fair, swift and courteous service at all times.

It may be that the bank will reject this and they will say that they have correctly interpreted your complaint but at least you have a paper trail and you can then put it before the ombudsman and include in your ombudsman complaint the fact that the bank have refused to investigate your complaint correctly. This is easily clarified with a SAR request. FOS Leaflet I think this is the one reb A single entry point for consumers allows for easier access to dispute resolution services and will increase public awareness of the availability of this free service.

We’ll sort things out over the phone and in writing. Financial services complaints we cannot settle may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


It is for the consumer to get hold of a copy. Time limits apply to making a complaint. We will fill in as much of the complaint form as possible for them, before sending it to them to complete and sign. If we are unable to provide you with a final response within this time frame, we will write to you explaining why and advise you when you can expect a final response. If you’re not happy with how things turn out — or you don’t get an answer from the business — let us know. If you’re not sure if we can help, phone us on 4 But if you’d prefer, we can talk to a member of your family, a friend or someone else who’s helping you for free – like Citizens Advice.

According to the FCA. But if you explain why you’re unhappy, we’ll try to find a fair way forward.


We hope your business welcomes the Financial Ombudsman Service as a way of reinforcing the message that you take the consumers you deal with seriously — including any concerns or problems they may have.

We are happy to make our logo available on request to all businesses we cover. We are committed to using this knowledge to help increase the financial literacy of consumers and raise industry standards. You can find more details on these and other upcoming events in which the Financial Ombudsman Lraflet is leafflet on our Events Calendar.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has produced a handy leaflet for consumers. Our job is to help settle individual disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services.