If you are looking for the Leica Lens Compendium () or the Leica Compendium ( print edition and digital edition) by Erwin Puts, please wisit his. Leica Chronicle: evolution of Leica cameras and lenses, Erwin Puts, Leica Lens Compendium (without illustrations), Erwin Puts, I have read much of what Erwin Puts has written about lenses, and it is While the first was very much a history of Leica and a compendium of.

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But the high performance demands a production technology with extremely narrow tolerances. The ingredients of the current Leica strategy wide range of different products that partially overlap, high production cost because of low-scale production and a large amount of non-interchangeable components from different third-party suppliers have to be added to the small footprint of the company somewhere between and employees.

This is not surprising given the mirror slap and rougher shutter in the Nikon. As an example in lens assessment: But I also have to give Leica a big slap on the wrist for the problems with the early production cam- eras and for the way they initially ignored the issues with extended IR sensitivity.

Sold as set with either the Leica M9-P in silver or the Leica M3-P another 20 screw-trad were made for this film camera in silver. Perfection however is not only a characteristic of the equipment, but also and perhaps more importantly a characteristic of the photographer.

These are products constructed with the engineering approach: Now the purs of production had to be accomplished by a faster production line assisted by the lavish support of computer assisted manufacture.

A prototype is on display in the Leica Factory in Wetzlar. The lifetime of a digital Leica camera has not yet been established, but it is known that M3 bodies have a working life between 50 and 75 years with very modest service. The ubiquitous availability of evaluation sites and magazines where every measurable characteristic, made possible by image-analysis programs like Imatest,IQ-Analyzer and DxO-labs, can be studied and compared might give the impression that the assessment of true egwin characteristics has been normalized and even stabilized.


Also, it turns out that for reasons I cannot quite explain, Leica M8 files fare much better than other top DSLRs when one interpolates to make bigger prints.

The current practice of many technical journalists tends to focus on defects, errors and fault finding, at least what is assumed to be faulty behavior. The permanent renewal is not good for the environment and only fosters the modern trend of cultural and senseless consumerism. Summicron II [Lens design by Dr. He was also very careful about reporting defects or anomalous findings.

There is nothing wrong with this trend, but it is built on cultural quicksand. Vignetting is to be expected with m and longer lenses. Leica put prime lenses Fixed lenses on cameras. The introduction of the Leica M Monochrom shows the innovative potential of this camera design, but also the limits.

Many cameras already have WiFi! Edited September 12, by rramesh. Witness the significant price drops of a product at the end of its commercial lifecycle. In the old days the Leica M reigned supreme as the best performing 35mm camera-system. The EOS M body size is There is almost unanimity among analysts compedium reviewers excepting the few who assume that more pixels equates with better imagery that for most photographic assignments and print sizes the APS-C sensor delivers all performance one needs.

We all tend to be blind to our own mistakes. Leica in this view is definitely losing out in the rat race for photographic innovations. I must be in a haze because I didn’t know he published any others. A few years later every professional camera offered EA.

Download the old version of Leica Lens Compendium by Erwin Puts for free

The rangefinder in this camera is terrific. The new Leica M may be he main focus in the microcosmos of the Leica world, but in the main evolutionary progress it will not be seen as more than a tiny footnote. If you use the MM as intended and skip the post processing stage. Available from eBay or Amazon.

Alternatively one can buy a lens coder kit from a third part and ink code the lens the Leica Camera AG coding is engraved. There is much discussion nowadays that photography which implies digital photography is becoming stale and boring and predictable. There are many similarities between the M6J and the Leica Comparing the Leica images to those produced by other cameras has made me relive that first experience when the superiority of the Leica images shocked me.


Every manufacturer is proud of offering cameras with a FF sensor 24 x 36 mmthe latest in line is the new Sony with fixed lens of 35 mm focal length erroneously called Sonnar, but then the market people at Sony have not a clue of optical traditions.

If, you don’t have something constructive to say, I think we can all agree that calling him silly is not constructive, then keep it to yourself. The Hasselblad body was simply a metal box with attachable filmholder, finder system and lens unit with shutter.

Download the old version of Leica Lens Compendium by Erwin Puts for free – Leica Rumors

A digital camera on the other hand is an electro-optical imaging system where the properties of the solid-state array and the power of the image processing algorithms regulate the final quality. The company is more famous for its lenses than for the bodies, but the tight integration of body and compendiim ensures best performance. Ask any serious portrait photographer if they use a motor drive.

The instant inspection of the result, so familiar with current digital cameras and the automatic control of the basic elements focus, and exposure by software AF and AE have eliminated the thrill of basic photography.

No problem when you use only one marque and a fine adjsutment to suit your personal requirements is always necessary.

With high-speed lenses, a steady hand and the wish to get good shadow detail, most professionals agreed that ISO plus or minus a stop was needed, but not more. But photographers accepted the limitations and accumulated knowledge and expertise to complement the limits of the tools.