El arte de volar és una novel·la gràfica del guionista Antonio Altarriba i del dibuixant Kim editada per Edicions de Ponent que es va publicar per primera vegada. from “The Art of Flying”. by Antonio Altarriba Translated by Adrian West. Click image below to enlarge. From El arte de volar. Published by Ediciones de Ponent . El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Through a succession of four vignettes the reader finds himself in the battles of Belchite between August aret to September 6, and Teruel December 15, through February 22, and attains a temporal reference. Y porque no hay seis Then there is the inevitable loss of personal integrity of the protagonist and the return to Spain despite the Franco dictatorship, his meeting the mother of his child and how that relationship develops.

Altarriba begins describing just that generation, but as he delves into the skepticism, relativism, and pessimism of his father, his vision extends to include all of society in the description. Through him we can revisit the hardships of life in Spain at the start of the century, the Civil War, exile, the concentration camps, the resistence against the Germans, the black market, Franco’s ‘desarollismo’, and the coming of democracy… This provides Antonio Altarriba with the material for a heartbreaking script in which he himself is profoundly implicated.

El Contenido de la forma: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lastly we see his life in a nursing home and his inevitable suicide this is told right from the beginning, so I am not ruining anything artw you!

El arte de volar – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Although qltarriba was easy to read in a ‘there were no big words I didn’t understand’ kinda way, my knowledge of the Spanish civil war is sadly lacking and so I found myself a bit muddled here and there, but that’s my failing not the author’s. He chose his battles and, one after another, he lost them. The tons of awards it won se certainly deserved.


You’d be silly not to read it if you are at all interested in Spanish history or how humans cope with tragedy, even if you don’t like comics.

Refresh and try again. There are no heroes there because from the very beginning you know it’s going to end bad, you know nobody is gonna win. The treatment of these characters in El arte de volar is where the story gains most credibility.

No trivia or quizzes yet. In this way, the work is structured in five different parts which allow two possible readings.

These gray zones are fundamentally focused on two portrayals: As a result, every biography constitutes in itself a plot argument, a narration volarr to the conventions of a determined genre, and the biographer will employ many of the devices found in the novel.

The linearity is only broken with the introduction of dream scenes which highlight the progressive emotional downfall of the protagonist and the reflections of the narrator-author on certain facts.

At this point in the story the allegorical and dream images, always related to the circular, a bond or figure representing perfection and the inevitable, incorporated throughout the story, are understood as the metaphor for freedom or its absence. Antonio was essentially an anarchist, who switched political sides in the war to suit himself, and at a,tarriba point made money on the black market, compromising the commitment he says he had made to helping the needy.

This is why, before leaving Pablo, he demands his lead ring and sends it to Mariano, the only one who stayed true to their old Anarchist ideas. Altarriba follows the parameters of the autobiographical novel in the moment latarriba he recreates historic episodes which include his father, as is the case for battles and other events that serve also sntonio temporal marks.

El arte de volar

It is not the only license Altzrriba permitted myself. Skip to main content. The ending is really poignant and shows us how the suicide of this man, which opens the book, is the result of 40 years of compromising, of living with the defeat in his heart.


The third narrative level is found in the words inside the text bubbles which are direct and expressive sentences that are always in the present. Like many men and women in the twentieth century he had attempted to build a fairer world, but History turned its back on him; he wanted to fly with wings of hope, but only ended up crashing.

Lists with This Book. The sex scenes are a good example of this. At first I had to read everything outloud – low because I mostlly read in public – but I had to form the words, as I went through I had to do that less, but there were always sentences I could only understand when I heard them and not read them. It is not surprising that Altarriba is reading Kafka in the nursing home when all that is left in his world is finally collapsing and he is arriving at the end of the circle of his life.

Over time, they become one and the narrative character in the reflexive altqrriba becomes vplar prominent, telling more of the pain of Altarriba son seeing what altargiba left of his disappearing father than the actual reflections of the protagonist narrator. Trivia About El arte altarriab volar. This revolution is a joke! The Madeline episode he told me in full detail, except for the most erotic parts.

A sign of mutual understanding that will remain with him as he loses the rest of his bonds: Barcelona, one of the Republican capitals, is converted into a symbol of the problems of disunion and snobbism that stalked the Republican forces between their own lines 64— The same occurs with cities. Die to continue living.