anna university EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes ANNA UNIVERSITY COMMON. 3 Question Bank EC Digital Electronics Question Bank with answers – SCT Edition Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: PDF. EC UNIT IDIGITAL ELECTRONICS MINIMIZATION TECHNIQUES AND LOGIC GATES 9 AP M. Morris Mano, Digital Design, 3 Edition, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., / Pearson Education . ECE II TO VIII syllabus. Uploaded.

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What are races and cycles?

How many parity bits are required to form Hamming code if massage bits are 6? What are the steps for the eyllabus of asynchronous sequential circuit? What is meant by multilevel gates networks? Draw the circuit of the minimal expression using only NAND gates. What is a static 0 hazard?

List the basic types of shift registers in terms of data movement. Find the decimal equivalent of 9. State and prove Consensus theorem. Design the combinational ec203 with 3 inputs and 1 output. When Y is 0; the output does not change for.


How synchronous counters differ from asynchronous counters? When is a counter said to suffer from lockout? Show that the NAND gate is xyllabus universal building block. How it is done? Write a short notes on PRBS generator.

What are the advantages of shift registers? Define the critical rate and non critical rate. Derive the characteristic equation of a JK flip dgital. Give the four elementary operations for addition and subtraction. Obtain the primitive flow table for an asynchronous circuit that has two inputs x,y and one. It produces an output whenever two.

EC2203 MJ2014 Digital Electronics 3rd Semester Question Paper – Reg2008

Draw the state table for the machine. Raja November 19, at 5: Draw the wave forms showing static 1 hazard? Find the hexadecimal equivalent of the octal number How many flip —flops are needed to build an 8 bit shift register? Define half sub tractor and full sub tractor. A pulse mode asynchronous machine has two inputs.


The behavior of the circuit is stated. Describe how to detect and eliminate hazards from an asynchronous network?

EC MJ Digital Electronics 3rd Semester Question Paper – Reg | Knowledge Adda

What is meant by critical race? What do you mean by encoder?

Otherwise the output is zero. A seven bit Hamming code is received as What is the minimum number of flip flops needed to build a counter of modulus z 8? How will you build a full adder using 2 half adders and an OR gate? The next input change then causes the output to return to 0. What do you mean by functional and timing simulation?