Through Gospel accounts of the crucifixion, Shaikh Ahmad Deedat exposes the fallacy of the crucifixion. Ahmed Deedat. Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen. On the subject of crucifixion, the Muslim is told in no uncertain terms, in the Holy Qur’an, the last and final. Ahmed Deedat has books on Goodreads with ratings. Ahmed Deedat’s most popular book is Crucifixion or Crucifiction.

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Bible is lying when it says that God does not forsake his beloved ones. Despite Shabir explaining that he did believe in the physical return of Jesus as and rejecting the claims deeadt the Ahmadis, that Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as fulfilled the prophecies of the second coming of the Messiah, he openly admitted: Jesus came at the right which God predicted through his Holy Prophets.

Because he had escaped death by the “skin of his teeth”.

Was Christ Crucified? – The Debate between Ahmed Deedat and Josh McDowell

The main problem crucifixlon the present Gospels is their authors are anonymous. All the present four Gospels, although with some differences, have narrated the fiction of crucifixion. When we combine these statements with Josephus’ later reference to Jesus as “the so-called Christ,” crycifiction rather detailed picture emerges which harmonizes quite well with the biblical record.

This one thing along with everything else provides a more fuller understanding of the full events. Hold up for a minute! You have four options to choose from. Yet, the exact manner in which this happened has been interpreted differently.

Crucifixion or Crucifiction?!

This time of the year when we approach Easter it would be interesting to find out what Christians think of this topic. The crucigiction Biblical verse shows the importance of the Crucifixion and Resurrection in Christian theology; it is taken from one of the letters of St Paul found in the New Testament:.


Let us consider it: There is no other way to understand this without destroying the context and its meaning.

Without that assurance from God, Jesus pbuh would have made a fool of himself. Jesus Not Resurrected Chapter Unfortunately none of the authors of the Gospels are ahmfd for cross examination of their narrations. A law abiding Jew comes to Jesus seeking eternal life or salvation.

What an honour to Islam you are Ahmed.

Read them and pass them around so it may ir of use to some who have faith. Links will be added to this page as new posts are added to this blog. To them, Jesus died on the cross so that the sins of those who believe in him can be forgiven and thus they can gain salvation. Some Christians claimed that the Quran is contradicting itself when it gives the story of the crucifixion of Jesus.

And due to the fractured understanding of the Messiah and resurrection, due to traditions based on only one aspect of the biblical truths and whole picture. And this, at least in regards of the latter has been scientifically proven to be the case. I hope you see how this small selection of ancient non-Christian sources helps corroborate our knowledge of Jesus from the gospels.

No real argument at all. Now here is an oft repeated assertion which no doubt has it foundation in this false teacher and his teachings. He knew cruccifixion experience that no man can die so soon by crucifixion.

Nearly every single word in the above Ayah contains an emphasis on the issue. But Allah raised him up unto Himself.

The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses Albert Einsteinin his “Gods Letter”. That the non- Jewish nation come to their senses and repented of their vile ways and trusted in the Lord for a time.


In fact, the insertion of “Keep him alive” is no where found or implied in the context nor the book. Evidence from the Babylonian Talmud There are only a few clear references to Jesus in the Babylonian Talmud, a collection of Jewish rabbinical writings compiled between approximately A.

A Refutation of Ahmed Deedat’s Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction

Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of This may simply indicate what the Jewish leaders were planning to do. And then there were the two men whom help to carry his body to be put in the tomb. Taking this line of reasoning then it can be argued some six hundred year to one thousand year after Islam’s rise, a man can claim that muhammad was not the last prophet and was a mad man.

See also good old Wiki.

We read that crucifizion was a wise man who performed surprising feats. But even more so, we have the other side of the coin as well, that the resurrection will be the means of judgement upon mankind.

Was he or was he not on the cross? According to Islam theology he was not. Simple Calculations Chapter Yes, Mark narrates that Peter followed Jesus from a distance, but then again to safeguard himself he stayed outside the entrance of the court, even blaspheming so that people would not accuse him of being one of the disciples.

Independent Sources Is there any non-Christian and non-Biblical source that has narrated the crucifixion of Jesus? Let us consider this carefully: