Who Put The Bomp #5. Who Put The Bomp #6. Who Put The Bomp #7. Who Put The Bomp #8. Who Put The Bomp #9. Who Put The Bomp! # Who Put The. Who Put The Bomp was a rock music fanzine edited and published by Greg Shaw from to Its name came from the hit doo-wop song by Barry. It collects writings from the s-’70s run of Bomp! magazine, a worthy competitor of Creem and Crawdaddy as a rock mag that’s still fun to.

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Joe Biviano – N.

Bomp! Saving The World & Born In The Garage

If the music’s good it’s all fair game Which isn’t a knock, man. Monday with Hayley Mills: William Stout cover art, ass But assembling the material was an enormous task that would involve years of work, a team of artists and writers, and certainly a lot of money.

Jukebox Mafia Probe is Turning-on the People! A must have for collectors, historians, musicians and rock’n’roll lovers everywhere.

BOMP Magazine – Oktober 1978 – Frontpage

UFC alt storyboard. The book weighs in at pages and since the pages are jam packed with stuff to read, much of it in small type, it will take you quite some time to read it. The book does great honor to the memory of superfan Greg Shawwho steered the Bomp! Posted by Patrick Boissel at American independent record labels Record labels established in Vanity record labels Garage punk Garage rock record labels Pop record labels Punk record labels.


By Deanna Isaacs Newer Post Older Post Home. The Roots of David Seville: Do You Speak English?

Shaw founded one of the earliest rock fanzines, the mimeographed Mojo Navigator and Rock ‘n Roll News in May I help you to find – -? The label has featured punk, pop, power pop, garage rock, new wave, old school rock, neo-psychedelia among other genres. Please e-mail me if you feel your toes are being stepped on, and I’ll happily mxgazine the situation.

Copyright Law, Section ; Fair use. Many memories bubble up leafing through Bomp’s record reviews and charts and print ads from a couple of issues I’ve had for ages. And “garage rock” is one of those terms that spreads far and wide its net. Come on, dude, this stuff is from back in the day when fanzines didn’t have the internet. Much of what Barnes writes about Jagazine strongly resonated with my own memories of meeting and working with Frederick S.

By Michael Miner I remember that Bomp cover well. By Leor Galil When Sonny gets blue. Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: YOu can share, too -Just click here- to drop me a line and say hello. Global Animation Domination Continues: But, of course, that wouldn’t be fair, given the power and significance of the rock. The book starts out with a history of Greg and his various writing endeavors written by various friends and associates who contributed to the many zines Greg produced and wrote for, many of whom became quite famous writers of rock music for much larger publications, those names include Lester Bangs, Lenny Kaye, and Richard Meltzer among others.


Who Put the Bomp

How often do we really know the difference? Active in science fiction fandom as a young man, he became familiar with fanzines.

There’s a LOT of information here, perhaps not ideally organized for quick retrieval, but the book certainly projects a world you can get lost in. And he did it passionately. Also includes the missing Bomp magazine issue 22, and the story of magqzine Bomp label.

The zines were true fanzines and contained articles about record labels and various bands including very detailed discographies and record listings as well as various articles about record collecting.