HINDI, CLASSIC, NOVEL, Qurratulain Hyder, AAG KA DARIYA. Read Aag Ka Dariya book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Dus Pratinidhi Kahaniyan: Qurratulain Hyder. Qurratulain Hyder. Aag Ka Darya is a novel written by Qurratulain Hyder in the context of an Indian subcontinent partition. It has been described as “one of the Indian Subcontinent’s .

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In short, the effort was well worth it, both in terms of meaning and linguistics. The most important novel of twentieth-century Urdu fiction. Hope I can some day gather the strength to read it in Urdu. It is two novels in one. I truly feel closer to the religions of my heritage, I get what Hyder was doing and think as a writer that I would have liked to have done it myself.

Aag Ka Darya / آگ کا دریا

There was yet another aspect of the new dafiya moment that was making its presence felt– some people had openly talking of Ancient Hindu Culture and the Glory-that-was- Islam. A must read for every Indian or person interested in Indology!

One of the gapes as mentioned is the epigraph itself. We are never sure how and where the lines are exactly drawn. The novel starts from yeas ago, in the time when Ak the great and Darius third were fighting it out. First published inAag ka Darya encompasses the fates zag four recurring characters over two and a half millennia: Aug 04, Jojo Sial rated it really liked it.

Arsal rated it liked it Oct 17, The chapters are divided in no particular order. This gives the story a sense of seamless transition, as the turbulent forces of history churn these four characters into a vortex of politics and power.


Hyder takes the Sufi aspect of Islam which has a more has a more assimilating tendency. How can we forget our forefathers and their efforts?

Sep 04, Shumaila rated it really liked it Shelves: I will write my complete review of this book after reading English version of this book. Haider puts all these stories together, jumps around between them. Between the first owner of your name and you, how much has changed between the Internet and the Flood?

Chapters like Farewell to Camelot, and The Forest of Arden are titled to meet the requirements of English sensibility. The characters here are grappling with questions like Existence of Dariy, purpose of life and identity. Addi rated it it was amazing Nov 10, We see this continuity in the characters of Qurratulain Hyder. In different eras, different relations from among the four — romance and war, possession and dispossession.

Undoubtedly a masterpiece, now I know why it’s often considered as the greatest Urdu novel ever. For me, such was the experience of reading Aag ka Darya. One of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. It raises many fundamental questions as well. It explores the ancient cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent, and how the past is linked to the present.

Their lives would have been much simpler had they but committed to a person or a course of action, rather than approaching and retreating without ever being able to commit. Covering four eras of India’s history spread over some two thousand years, the novel plays amazingly along the merciless passing of time.

Qurratualain Hyder highlights in the last section of the novel the ill-treatment of people of East Pakistan the present Bangladesh at the hands of the officers of West Pakistan the present Pakistan and there was the sense hatred in West Pakistan. Jan 28, Ronald Morton rated it really liked it Shelves: Jekyll portrayals of Victorian times, but I got less of the upper crust and more of the strata I prefer in texts encountered previous to this.


When I started to read it, it was being felt very boring as it had a lot Sanskrit words, terms and philosophies. Here comes another major theme of this novel, rather a question.

An Urdu classic and filled with beautiful symbology, but at times it was frustratingly slow and at others it seemed to cut out just as it got good or skip so many pieces that I wasn’t able to follow. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

daroya Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Apr 24, Raghu rated it liked it Shelves: They come across as players on a vast stage, not as people.

If a novel forces you to stop now and then, and consider your own life and it’s extensions and from where it got extended, then there should be no doubt about the eloquent depth of that novel. The paper would try to explore the politics behind these texts.

From Aag ka Darya to the River of Fire | Arif Reshi –

Aren’t a thousand years or so technically a plot? If loneliness is a philosophy, then it is the major philosophy behind which all the other philosophies find their place. The shattering of Partition, which occurs off camera, hangs over the second half of the text like a pall.

This book is hycer much more than a commentary on religious syncretism as the paratext would suggest.