The Coming Battle – Kindle edition by M. W. WALBERT. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . The Coming Battle: A Complete History of the National Banking Money Power in the United States (Classic Reprint) Apr 23, by Martin Wetzel Walbert. M. W. Walbert (Author), Paul Walter and Lorraine Walter (Foreword By). Published by W.B. Conkey Company, ISBN / ISBN

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We quote from a portion of the law as follows: It would be presumed that Senator Sherman, judging from the vigor of his speech against these monopolies on this occasion, would subsequently oppose their future demands. Sir, it is as a bank of discount that this establishment exercises the most pernicious influence.

M.W. Walbert (Author of The Coming Battle)

Thomas Jefferson, by voice and pen, in language of rare power and felicity, pointed out the dangerous possibilities of the bank to influence the politics and business of the nation. Please try your request again later. By the acts wzlbert July myth, and August g,the Secretary of the Treasury was authorized to issue demand notes to the amount of fifty millions of dollars, and these notes were made full legal tender for all debts and demands, n public and private. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Thus far the national banking money power succeeded in inducing Congress to grant every demand 79 made by it.

Not satisfied with the immense advantages thus obtained from the Government, during the most critical period of the war, the money power, on the 17th day of March,succeeded in securing the passage of a resolution through Congress, authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the interest upon bonds, in advance, not exceeding one year, either with or without rebate for such prepayment, according to his discretion. United States Senator Benton, of Missouri, a man of great energy, extensive learning, and commanding ability, thoroughly understood the means by which the bank had obtained its mastery over the commerce and industry of the nation, and, therefore, at that session of congress, he presented a resolution in the United States senate to the wa,bert, that the charter of the bank ought not to be renewed.

The banking confederacy and the merchants bound to them by their debts will endeavor to crush the credit of these notes; but the country is eager for them as something they can trust to, and so soon as n convenient quantity of them can walberrt into circulation the bank notes die.


Wa,bert was an aspirant for the presidency, and upon the bank’s cause and paper money, each found a common ground upon which all three could meet and oppose Jack on, the great enemy of both these things. Attorney General Taney was appointed to fill the vacancy occasioned by Duane’ s removal, and the order was a to the letter.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: A sincere patriot of the purest integrity, with a clearness of mental vision that was unsurpassed, with a profound insight into the principles upon which our Government rested, he plainly saw that the interests of the bank were wholly at variance with that of American liberty. Three years afterward the resolution of Clay was expunged from the journals of the senate.

Duane, peremptorily refused to obey the command of his chief, and for this act of insubordination he was summarily removed from his office.

In speaking of the contest awlbert the bank and President Jackson, Parton, the biographer, says: The bank rapidly obtained a practical control over qalbert business of the nation, and it would tolerate no opposition. Nicolas Biddle, who, to a very large extent, was responsible for the gigantic conspiracies, bank- panic with their resultant ruin and misery, was driven in disgrace from his exalted position, and he died a shameful death almost unknown, unhonored, and unsung.

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West, as well as East, South, as well as North. The power of coining, issuing, and controlling the volume of money is a far more important function of government than the foregoing. The process by which states, cities, counties, town-ships, and school districts were swindled out of taxes and revenues was by the shifting of the ownership, nominally at least, of these bonds around the various banks and capitalists who returned them as non-taxable. If such was its power in a time wqlbert peace, what would it not have been in a season of war, with an enemy at your doors.

After the bank so signally failed to obtain a renewal of its exclusive banking privileges, it did not alleviate from its policy of inflicting distress and ruin upon the people. Royall thus speaks of the conduct of these three leaders: The first reason assigned by the President in his objections against the ‘renewal of the charter of the bank was, that it created a monopoly under the authority of the general Government, and, therefore, it increased the value of its stock far above its par value, which operated as a gift of many millions to its stock holders.

This can be done by controlling the money. In compliance with their demands. Parliament, however, granted the scoundrelly Walbeert an annuity of fifteen thousand dollars per annum for the period of twelve years as an indemnity!


The extreme danger of a sovereign power, in transferring its absolute right of coining and issuing money in whole, or in part, to a private individual, or corporation, has been clearly pointed out by the ablest thinkers of al 1 ages.

Another and a more dangerous form of misapplied power resulted from the intellectual tyranny exercised by that shrewd class, the priest-hood, over the conscience and religious beliefs of the great mass of mankind. It would amount to the self-destruction of a nation.

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Cooke declared that the income tax should “Be scornfully abandoned and that right speedily. If he be in the practice of discounting, and if his discounts be cut off, he cannot go on; he stops payment and is frequently ruined forever, even while he possesses property which, with the fair chances of time, would not only enable him to pay his debts but to proceed in prosperity.

The national banks at once joined hands with the manufacturing interests, and brought their combined influence to bear upon congress. History records the fact that no less than twenty issues of paper money were emitted by the general Government prior to the year ; that the people never questioned its value and efficiency as a medium of exchange.

While walberr congresses, notorious for the infamous scandals which smirched the reputations of some of the foremost men of the Republican party, bartered away the most precious rights of the people, nature came to the rescue by affording a great supply of that most precious walbdrt – silver.

In this emergency the counsel of Jefferson was requested, and he advised the issue of treasury notes by the government in lieu of borrowing. I will not here allude to the United States Bank, to which I may hereafter devote an essay.

To exhibit the powerful influence exerted upon that congress which passed the Funding act of July 14,we will refer to a few facts that have become history. That is much too great a theme for me to enter upon at this stage of the debate; but I will explain in a very few words the ‘ theory of those sections.