EXPERIMENTACIÓN CON LA LOMBRIZ ROJA CALIFORNIANA (EISENIA FOETIDA) EN LOS CULTIVOS DE HOLLEJOS DE PAPA, CASCARA. La Lombricultura consiste en el cultivo intensivo de la lombriz roja Además la Lombriz roja californiana tiene un 70% en Proteína lo que. REPRODUCCN DE LA LOMBRIZ ROJA (EISENIA FOETIDA) EN SUSTRATO DE RESTOS DE CAFÉ. López César Noé (@), Rieke.

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The final product of vermicomposting obtained a mean of Mg content of 0. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Effect of caligorniana sludge and salmon wastes applied to a Patagonian soil on lettuce Lactuca sativa L. The structure was intended to protect the containers from rain and control humidity loss during the 25 wk of maturation of the substrates.

Vermicomposting of winery wastes: Because there is no information about the nutritional requirements of the worm, it is difficult to assume that this decrease is due to feeding by the worms. Standard methods for the examination of lommbriz and wastewater. Toward the end of the experimental period, a P concentration of 0. Add two systems remains of organic coffee 2.

Fricke and Vogtmann reported an average Mg content in compost of 0. P content decreased in both systems of composting during the storage period, which is contrary to what is expected given that P is not lost through volatilization or lixiviation. Phytotoxicity assay The degree of phytotoxicity of the composting products was assessed with the cwliforniana of a germination index previously used by Zucconi et al.

A mixture was prepared using two types of organic residues, manure from a herd of dairy cows and pine sawdust. The final product of vermicompost presented a K concentration of 0.

Lombriz roja californiana by daniela rodriguez algarra on Prezi

A linear model was used in the statistical analysis, with four replicates that included as fixed effects, the composting systems and time. Currently there are three types of earthworms used in Vermiculture intensive: Production of organic fertilizer is directly linked to the number of worms present in the system, thanks to the substrate with residues of coffee that achievement to influence reproduction, obtained a higher concentrate of hummus organic fertilizer as it was to be expected.


However, this application is generally not done appropriately, taking into account the soil characteristics and nutritional requirements of crops, which can result in damage to the health of the ecosystem, such as the salinization of soils, the lixiviation of nitrates to aquifers and the runoff of nitrates and phosphates to surface water bodies. Something went wrong, please try again. Already have an account?

The storage period increased the N content of the recently prepared lomnriz. Carbon and nitrogen mineralization rates after application of organic amendments to soil.

Lombriz roja californiana compostando (Eisenia fetida) – Image

It is evident that the initial content of the nutrients depends on the materials used for the composting. The germination index, using lettuce seeds Lactuca sativa L. This availability increases when the organic matter and the nutrients are transformed through chemical-biological processes like californiaan Kowalchuk et al.

Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 70 3: Saved one filter Removed from saved filters.

Create a Free Account. Variation of maximum and minimum temperatures and of the reactors with compost and vermicompost during the composting period, December to June The herd was composed of 2-toyr-old Holsteins confined in an areas of 50 x 40 m and fed on a base of rolled corn Zea mays L.

We have images for every project, all covered by worry free licensing Download with confidence Find your plan. Add 2 kg of Earth arneada to g g every one 4. However, a higher pH was found in the compost, with a value of 8.

Will be califprniana count of the number of young and adult worms that increase a system of vermicompost with supplies of coffee waste to one with a common power without residue in study. Subsequently, the products were stored for 29 wk d in polyethylene bags at ambient temperature.


Another relevant observation was the absence of incremental effects in nutritional content commonly associated with vermicomposting, which supposes an advantage of using this product over that of traditional composting. Click here to sign up. Add two of the g of organic systems 5Add 10 earthworms to each system 6.

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This characteristic should be taken into consideration when the semi-composted product is applied to the soil as an improver. In accordance with these results, the vermicompost product from 25 wk provides a more adequate mean for the germination of lettuce seeds; indicating a decrease in the unfavorable effects on the seeds by the action of certain phytotoxic substances.

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The values correspond to the mean of six observations. Search by image Oops! Its absorption from the substrate promoted the expected increase by reducing dry matter from the substrate.

In general, this behavior was observed for the four evaluated micronutrients with both decomposition processes beginning at week 10, which clearly coincides with the decrease in carbonated components in the system. Only Fe concentration decreased sharply during storage, probably owing to the precipitation of this element, which is highly soluble in water. In the case of vermicomposting, once the mixtures were made, they were submitted to a process of pre-composting for 15 d.