for sale SPICAP, , 33 million imp only, with lots of extras, best offer for more info, photos or apointment mail me. Find used Komori Lithrone, Sprint, Spica and Enthrone printing machines for sale from industry leading sellers in the Komori Spica P Year: Picture of. Read Komori Spica P and the latest news and analysis from across the printing industry.

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Komori spica-429p

4299p So, through the CV of every particular machine, meet all the information we were able to get on them. PrintWeek offers free online access to all of our users, but we can only do this thanks to the fantastic support of our advertisers. Sheet-fed Offset Printing Machine After shopping around, it boiled down to a choice between two presses — the Speedmaster 74 or the Spica.

Who do you think the machine is right for? They took us around Britain for two days klmori at Komori presses and Spicas, in particular, and gave us free rein to chat to the printers who were using them. They process is very simple, you can find out how by following this link.

The Condition of the Machine assessment presented in this CV was either obtained from the last machine operator or is based on an inspection performed by our employee, just to provide you with as much information as possible. We would definitely buy another Komori. What about the service? Would you buy another?

The Spica was ideally suited to us as it was new and within our budget. More Details alcohol dampening Komorimatic refrigeration device low pile delivery PQC ink and register remote control SAPC semi-automatic plate loading powder sprayer paper thickness: Danny Clarke, Howard Hunt New year predictions: Komori do offer a 4299p version of this model that can seal online but that was out of our budget at the time. In some way, the machines in our offer are like human job applicants.


It only takes spicz five to 10 minutes to change a set of plates after finishing a job and getting it ready for the next one.

Komori Spica P | PrintWeek

They look after you both before and after the sale. For more certainty we recommend your own check or an assessment klmori an independent mechanic. Site Login My Printweek. Condition of the Machine Very good condition, well-maintained.

Latest News New year predictions: Did not find the machine you were looking for? Basic information Kkomori Year: We basically lost everything in the fire and had to start from scratch.

Some machines are almost new, like a freshly graduated person, while others already have many years of work experience behind themselves. But, what all the machines have in common is that, from various reasons, all of them are at the moment freed from their last services and are searching for the possibility of a new employment.

News NewsEmail Bulletins.

Komori SPICA 429P

How fast is it? In some countries, a CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding a job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, when seeking employment. Historically, the company has always bought two-colour secondhand machines, but we wanted to step up to a new four-colour press.

Julian Hocking, Nationwide Print New year predictions: Its custom made for jobbing printers like ourselves. James Duckenfield, Hobs Group New year predictions: 429pp it won you new work?

Jason Hammond, The Delta Group.


Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life. If you are seeing this message, it is most likely because your browser is using an ad blocker.

Komori Spica P | Pressdepo en

What will be your abiding klmori of ? Also the Spica is an extremely flexible machine as 429l can be run as a two over two perfector as well as four [colour] straight printing. The installation ran smoothly, however, we suffered a major fire in May and the Spica was on order at the time.

We cannot provide you with any machine guarantee. Jim had a few problems because of the fire and we would like to think that we went the extra mile for him to make things as easy and as painless as klmori, and deliver on our promises. Straight printing, it can do up to 13, impressions an hour or in perfector mode 9, Some machines are more suitable for one kind of activity, whereas others are more suitable for another kind of activity.

Why did you choose this particular machine? How much time or money has it saved? Latest comments Recent People Popular. Were there any difficulties experienced during the commissioning or installation? However, thanks to our insurers, landlord and suppliers, such as Komori, we were back up and komoti again within a week.

Sunday 22 April Be the first to comment. What features do you particularly like about it? Download the offer as PDF.