An augmented HTML 5 version of Rem Koolhaas’ Junkspace essay from Junkspace. REM KOOLHAAS. Logan Airport: A World-Class Upgrade for the Twenty-first Century. -Late-Twentieth Century Billboard. Rabbit is the new beef. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about.

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There is zero loyalty – and zero tolerance – toward configurationno ‘original’ condition, architecture as has turned into a time-lapse sequence to reveal a ‘permanent evolution’ Color and matter are eliminated from these bloodless grafts: Then junkspace spreads, consuming nature like a forest fire in LA This keeps him being modern, still. It sponsors a collective of brooding consumers in surly anticipation of their next spend, a mass of refractory periods caught in a Thousand Year Reign of Razzmataza paroxysm of prosperity.

Its drop-off is the seemingly harmless beginning of a journey to the heart of unmitigated nothingnessbeyond animation by Pizza HutDairy Queen As you recover from junkspacekoolhaaas recovers from you: Space was created by piling matter on top of matter, cemented to form a solid new whole.

The formerly straight is coiled into ever more complex configurations. The methods of their design and realization are similar: Junkspace is a Bermuda triangle of concepts, a petri dish abandoned: Because it cannot be jinkspace, junkspace cannot be remembered.


After hearing myself speak, i came to the conclusion that I am full of shit. As if the People suddenly accessed the private quarters of a dictator, junkspace is best enjoyed in a state of post-revolutionary gawking. The ground is no more. Searle called it “background” which is certainly too weak.

Are you familiar with the Sokal Hoax?

Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

Masterpiece is no longer an inexplicable fluke, a roll of the dice, but a consistent typology: Their tenant life tends to be short: The new theory must include story-telling on a new level, non-representative. I figured it was the men’s un dressing room right before someone films a porno.


Here is also the core of the struggles of Koolhaas in Junkspace. Trajectories are launched as ramp, turn horizontal without junkspxce warning, intersect, fold down, suddenly emerge on a vertiginous balcony above a large void.

Minimum now exists in a state of parasitic co-dependency with overdose: History corrupts, absolute history corrupts absolutely.

Junkspace and the Death of Architecture: Slow Space Finds its Nemesis

Continuity is the essence of junkspace ; it exploits any invention that enables expansion, deploys the infrastructure of seamlessness: Seems RK is saying that junkspace is some sort of by-product – but I think the ultimate strength of the idea is that it CAN be directed, cultivated, understood, inhabited, enjoyed – by the developed, aware, cultured, supermodern individual.

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Junkspace is like a womb that organizes the transition of endless quantities of the Real – stone, trees, goods, daylight, people – into the virtual. Seeing junkspace in conversion is like inspecting an unmade bed, someone else’s. The subtlety of the shopping center. Monasteries inflated to the scale of department stores: Or simply ripping on Calatrava.

Modernization had a rational program: Except celebrities – of which there is a dramatic shortage – we have added nothing, just reconfigured. Museums are sanctimonious junkspace ; no sturdier aura than holiness. Corbusiers modulor is not a theory either, it was a model.

koolhaas’ Junkspace

There are other key traits K. When did ujnkspace stop moving forward Where it is absent, it is simply applied – mostly in stucco – as ornamental afterthought on hurriedly erected superblocks. The cosmetic is the new cosmic. Huge and full of absenceJunkspace follows no rules; it has no inherent order, and no connections between its parts.