The acidly funny first book starring the subversive sleuth in one of the most successful mystery series of all time. Fletch is an investigative reporter whose. : Fletch and the Man Who (): Gregory Mcdonald: Books. Fletch [Gregory McDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Fletch Irwin Fletcher. A down-and-out beach bum among the drug-ridden.

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To see one of the smartest, most complex characters in fiction reduced to the status of a clown broke my heart.

In Confess, FletchMcDonald introduced another popular character, Inspector Francis Xavier Flynn, a brilliant but eccentric police detective who serves as a foil for Fletch. This novel was the first in a long series of mystery novels featuring Fletch, or to give him his full name which he hatesIrwin Maurice Fletcher. McDonald wrote 9 in total, as well as a couple of son of Fletch books and a 4 book Flynn series, which apparently is a spin-off featuring a cop we encounter further down the road with our man Irwin Fletcher.

Drugs would not be available, i. United States of America.

Fletch Series

But why not let those words speak for themselves? Really, really funny too! Many mystery purists, including many elder mystery writers, all ready upset at Mcdonald’s publishing his mysteries as paperback originals “I like to be read by people. Funny how that can work…Enjoyed reading your post, as usual. Oh, and for fans of the movie, book Fletch is a smart ass but he’s also kind of a jerk.


FLETCH () by Gregory Mcdonald | Tipping My Fedora

Mcdonald drastically changes Fletch’s circumstances throughout the series, and even the focal characters, which means that you don’t always get what you expect. And to be blunt, the book version of Fletch is kind of a prick. The decision to publish Confess, Fletch only in paperback struck many as odd — Fletchafter all, initially appeared in hardcover — but most of the subsequent Fletch novels would also appear as paperbacks, despite pressure from other writers who felt that Mcdonald was devaluing the mystery genre by not publishing in hardcover.

If my mother had named me Irwin, I probably would have never spoken to her again.

The Mystery File site published an excellent interview mxdonald Macdonald by Lee Goldberg, which you can access here: Mankind’s soul and physical appearance may not agree. Good reading, everyone, and pick this one up next time you see it; it was worthy of the Edgar Award, the Oscar in gregoty books.

I found the character to be not nearly as appealing as I remembered, or perhaps I shouldn’t take offense at a man who seems now to me to be an amoral, sexist, womanizer.


For more information about the late Gregory Macdonald, see the official homepage at: Jun 19, Michael Duff rated it it greegory amazing Shelves: Carioca Fletch 8. He called his boss a ‘stupid bitch’ to her face, fine. The banter between alan’s dad and fletch. All the men look like pretzels. No trivia or quizzes yet. Mcdonald’s writing style is suitably t “Fletch” is a quick read and completely satisfying as a mystery. Skylar, return to top of page. I nvestigative reporter I. This Fletch is also a Vietnam vet with more fletcch than the Chevy Chase version.

The book is very different from the movie. The sequel, however, is another story. You are commenting using your WordPress. The prime example of this style is not in a mystery, but in “Lovers and Pantaloons,” the first work in his volume on The Seven Ages of Mcdonalld, “Exits and Entrances. Fletch said into it, ‘So glad you called. And for anyone who enjoys audio, it’s a good performance.