Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk was one of the final products WotC published for E D&D before the 4E announcement (in fact. Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk () – Mordenkainen needs you. The good people of Greyhawk need you. What are you waiting for. Product Blurb: A Dungeons & Dragons super-adventure for characters of levels 8 – Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is a page D&D super-adventure.

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To ask other readers questions about Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawkplease sign up. Iuz’s empire fell apart years earlier after Iuz was captured by the Free City’s founding wizard, the mad Zagig Yragerne, who imprisoned Iuz in a device called the “godtrap” as part of a bizarre experiment to achieve divinity for himself.

This adventure is usable as a mini-campaign on its own, a story arc in a Dungeon Master’s regular campaign, or as a series of small side adventures with a big payoff. He begs they release him and promises to stay out of their way. Searos tackles the cleric onto the winding staircase in the middle of the room, toppling them both several feet down the walkway.

It was there that the Mad Archmage imprisoned nine demigods to carve a sliver of divinity for himself nearly a century ago, and it rhe there that the maddened simulacrum of Iggwilv learns more about her past and dreams godly dreams of her own. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When the PCs tell Ricard Damaris about the corpse they found, he mentions there is a widow at the River Quarter Mission that lost her husband years ago in the dungeons beneath Expedifion Greyhawk.


The encounters are believable,the story plot is plausable and intriguing,and the recommended character level suggested seems to actually match the encounters unlike the previous mentions.

They come across a room with a clear pool of water and an unfinished statue of a man holding a sword aloft with a giant off wrapped around his legs.

Inside the room they find an elevator and some more stolen goods. When asked about this, James Jacobs said it was a design decision, given the nature of the dungeon’s reputation of being an adventurer’s dream.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

I’m also not a fan of the “Expedition to We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. Good mix of intrigue with plenty of flat out combat if that’s what your players want.

He tells them he is an accomplished rogue and handy in a dungeon. Having read enough and heard enough threats from Shyrath the PCs lock her in the trunk that housed her clothing and personal belongings.

D&d 3rd Ed Expedition to The Ruins of Greyhawk

In the company of his apprentice Bigby, the fearless Lord Robilar, and the willful cleric Riggby, the thee relentlessly explored the ruins of Zagig’s castle, charting its secrets and plundering its priceless treasures.

The exact origin of the mind flayers or illithids is open to debate as both the Spelljammer and the Far Realm mythoi, at the least, ascribe more prosaic origins for the brain eaters.

The trio had come to stop the dangerous gambit, but arrived too late. Reset Fields Log in. Ted rated it really liked it Feb 04, Only a final solution would suffice, and a final solution required the enlistment of Lord Robilar.

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Nine ghostly tentacles writhe out of the eastern section of floor and unerringly seek out the Old One, shrouding him in a vortex of mist and light. Frank rated it liked it Jun 24, The false Iggwilv has this same problem as the major villain – she is not really Iggwilv.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The tentacles pull his ghostly form across the room and down through the floor in a chaotic spiral of energy that leaves a vaguely humanoid shadow etched in black on the stones. I’m geeyhawk, but we no longer support this web browser. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Tim Janson of mania. A massive fomorian deactivates his ring of invisibility to continue hurling heavy carts and rocks at the party.

Though it tried to devour the PCs they destroy the monster without any real hassle.

D&d 3rd Ed Expedition to The Ruins of Greyhawk | eBay

Two hill giants begin hurling boulders at the PCs from the north end of the room as several goblins send volleys of arrows at the party. Already his soldiers have tunneled into the lowest levels of Castle Greyhawk from the Underdark, and although their ranks have not yet swelled enough to besiege the city, the time will shortly arrive.

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