The Eburnean orogeny in Africa results from the continental collision between the San Francisco and Congolian cratons. The different stages of this orogeny in. We have investigated three greenstone belts (Boromo, Houndé, and Banfora) and associated granitoid terrains, which form part of the Eburnean orogen. These metamorphic and structural characteristics provide new constraints for the geodynamical evolution of the Eburnean orogeny in the North.

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In total, I spent four and a half months in the field, split over two field seasons during the early months of and The Boundaries of the West African Craton.

Garnet bearing migmatitic paragneiss from Chiraa. Geology of Nigeria topic The geology of Nigeria formed beginning in the Archean and Proterozoic eons of the Precambrian.

Member feedback about Congo Craton: Ghana and Mali are the second and third largest producers of gold in Africa, respectively.

Paleoproterozoic orogenies Geology of Africa Tectonics stubs. Holocene volcanoes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

During this period the Birimian domain in West Africa was established and structured. This tectonics article is a stub.

The majority of roogeny field work was spent in the company of my driver, Kwasi Duah, to whom I am heavily indebted. The Lufilian Arc is marked “LA”, in the pink shaded region between the Congo and Kalahari cratons in the lower left of the map. During our first week, we explored the high grade terranes and vast granite provinces of NW Ghana, followed by a visit to the Bui Greenstone Belt eburnfan central west Ghana.


Unfortunately for geologists, this also means increased weathering of rocks exposed at the surface.

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It consists of two Archean centers juxtaposed against multiple Fburnean domains made of greenstone belts, sedimentary basins, regional granitoid-tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite TTG plutons, and large shear zones. The two field campaigns proved to be highly successful, with close to outcrops documented, greatly bolstered by additional outcrop databases supplied by Newmont and Kinross.

Around Ma an asthenospheric upwelling released a large v My meeting with the chief of Siana. From these samples, metamorphic modelling revealed previously undocumented high-pressure assemblages, with P-T-t-D paths indicating collisional orogenesis, high grade metamorphic and subsequent lower crustal exhumation occurred in the orogeeny area around 2.

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With the rifting apart of the supercontinent Pangaea in the Mesozoic, the large Senegal Basin filled with thick sequences of marine and terrestrial sediments. It lies in the Hoggar mountains and consists of a variety of volcanic features such as lava flows and about individual vents which create a spectacular scenery.

It is used to calculate dates for the older part of the planet’s geological record. By the Eocene, in the Cenozoic, wburnean region returned to terrestrial conditions.


Eburnean topic Look up eburnean in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Our diet staples were fresh bread, sardines, avocado, and tomato, plus pawpaw, coconut and orange depending on what was being sold in the stalls we passed. Topography of Senegal The geology of Senegal formed beginning more than two billion years ago. Field kit included the standard hammer, compass, hand lens, GPS and machete. A small portion extends into Zambia as well, where it is called the Bangweulu Block.

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Eburnean orogeny

Geology of Ghana topic Location of the Jubilee Field offshore Ghana The geology of Ghana is primarily very ancient crystalline basement rock, volcanic belts and sedimentary basins, affected by periods of igneous activity and two major orogeny mountain building events. I saw the true purpose of the waterproof pages in my notebook as the sweat streamed off my face in the heat and high humidity.

The Archean greenschist Birimian rocks common throughout West Africa are the oldest in the country, intruded by Proterozoic granites. Taylor, Ryan; Anderson, Eric We utilised local knowledge, asking farmers if they knew of any nearby exposures. The oroveny is primarily savanna in the south and flat to rolling plains or high plateau — meters in elevation in the north. The other minerals extracted are rock salt and semiprecious stones. Member feedback about Atakor volcanic field: