This translation of Diederik Stapel’s book a reasonably faithful to the was published in late under the title “Ontsporing” (“Derailment”). Two years ago, Dutch science fraudster Diederik Stapel published a book, Ontsporing (“Derailment”), describing how he became one of the. Two years after the scandal broke, Stapel wrote an autobiography, “Ontsporing”, or “Derailment”. An English translation of this autobiography is.

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He went into social psychology not because he was interested in the unknown aspects of that topic, but because he liked the sound of what was already known. Stapel wrote Ontsporing in Dutch, but now his story has been translated into English, under the title of Faking Science — thanks to the efforts of Nick Brown.

Maar dat kon ik niet. Maarten told me that the gossip about me was spreading in academic circles across the country; from now on, whenever I gave a presentation of my research, there were going to be a lot of raised eyebrows. This scientific misconduct lasted for years and affected at least 30 publications. In the book, Stapel talks about the travelling superstars of psychology who take subject areas X and Y on tour, like an itinerant opera company performing La Traviata in Berlin and Amsterdam and Madrid.

Now, that he has been uncovered, he probably faces some kind of deserved self-redemption. When an adoring audience is prepared to collectively pay a five-figure fee for you to talk about your theory of how they can improve their lives, how keenly are you looking to falsify your hypotheses in your lab?


Diederik Stapel

Archived from the original on 27 November By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I think it is important to emphasize that I never informed my colleagues of my inappropriate behavior. Fishing for fakes with Fisher Guest Post. I wanted to belong, to be part of the ontsporkng, to score. Fraudulent Experiments — Research Methods. Kntsporing put my field, social psychology in a bad light.

Stapel received the “Career Trajectory Award” from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology inwhich has since been onteporing. The Likelihood Principle issue is out!

This article about a psychologist is a stub. Ik realiseer me dat ik door dit gedrag mijn directe collega’s in verbijstering en boosheid heb achtergelaten en mijn vakgebied, de sociale psychologie, in een kwaad daglicht heb gesteld.

Diederik Stapel – Wikipedia

Stapel takes a lot of tangents, and within his stories he sometimes misapplies psychological concepts possibly on purpose? I looked around me nervously.

Hello Neuroskeptic, just wanted to vent out on scientific ontspofing here. This section needs expansion with: The interim report stated that it was not possible to determine whether Stapel fabricated or manipulated data for his dissertation at the University of Amsterdam, because the data had been destroyed.

Ik bied mijn collega’s, mijn promovendi en de gehele academische gemeenschap mijn oprechte excuses aan. I wonder if that was on purpose. Neuroskeptic readers may remember Brown for his critical analyses of work in the field of positive psychology. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Although maybe we should have donations for Nick Brown for his translation work though…. What did I do?

I wanted people to hang on my every word as I headed for coffee or lunch after delivering a lecture. Staoel Washington Post Post Opinions. In June Stapel agreed, in a settlement with the prosecutor, to perform hours of community service and to lose the right to some benefits associated with his former job equivalent to 1.


He is passionate about the answers, but he never seems to have been interested in the questions. Retrieved 5 October I would guess Stapel had in mind going didderik the rails, as in the picture at the bottom of my post. I made the mistake that I wanted to manipulate the truth and make the world just a little more beautiful than it is. Not sure about this. It started dieferik or less by chance, as a bit of occupational therapy.

Should a fiction factory peepshow be barred from a festival on truth and reality? Mayo and Error Statistics Philosophy with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Rolf Degen December 19, Pdfs are messy on an ereader. In the February issue of The PsychologistWillem Ontsporinb, together ontspoeing the chairs of the other two investigating committees, published a rejoinder to these and other criticisms.

So, he has become more famous, mission accomplished. In other projects Wikiquote. We barely get to express our opinion on even what goes into our papers. Students here are more like slaves to their advisors.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here The data danced in front of my eyes.